Buying a Home

You are ready to buy a house, now what?
This will be the most exciting part of your day now that you’ve decided to buy a house.  Surfing daily and driving through neighborhoods to find your dream home.  But wait, did you hire an agent yet? 
Toronto Neighourhoods - Your agent will know how to navigate these!
Toronto is such a huge city with over 140 neighborhoods, hiring a full time professional real estate agent is your first step to getting into your next home.  We live, eat and breath real estate everyday, it’s our job to help you navigate through this incredibly fun process all while educating you on the city, the types of homes the city has to offer and negotiating the best deal possible on your behalf.
Toronto is a city made of up unique neighbourhoods, great parks, tremendous coffee and incredible restaurants.  It’s great sports teams. It’s the definition of multiculturalism. It’s ideas. It’s alive. It’s sometimes terrible weather (but that builds character). With all of this and more, who wouldn’t want to purchase real estate in Toronto?
Choosing the right neighbourhood for you!
Here you can get the best souvlaki on the Danforth, best brunch in Leslieville, best perogies in Roncesvalles, see cherry tree blossoms in High Park, party in the entertainment district, drink the hippest cocktails on Ossington, eat ice cream and then buy a toy for your child a block from your house in Lawrence Park, shop name brand in Yorkville, eat dim sum in Chinatown, eat Pho in South Riverdale and spend a lazy day on The Beach just mins from downtown. Each neighbourhood offers something different, which makes purchasing real estate here not only a good investment, but also an exciting adventure as you look to find the perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood for you.
Navigating the complex Toronto Market
Toronto has a complex real estate market and may not be as easy to navigate as you would want, but that’s why we are here.  You’ve probably heard about the bidding wars with tonnes of offers coming in on a single house, homes selling way over the asking price.   Well, not to worry.  You are not overpaying for these houses.  You are paying market value at the end of the day, the list price is just the starting point, typically listed 5-10% under the actual market value in order to create interest and excitement around the listing.  Not every house is listed this way, and only 44% of homes actually go into a multiple offer.  But, if you are buying into one of the hotter neighbourhoods in Toronto, 90% of the time you will be involved in a bidding war.   
This all may sound intimidating but you’ve got an experienced real estate team on your side that has been through more bidding wars and negotiating sessions than some of those other agents can shake a stick at. Your on your way!

Our first step once meeting with you is to educate you not only on the best areas of Toronto to live in but also the offer process so that you comfortable and ready to enter into the Toronto Real Estate Market.  Is it time to go shopping yet?
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