Bayview Village

Nearly a quarter of the Bayview Village is green.  Winding streets are chocked full of pine, birch, maple, spruce, cedar and willow trees.
Bayview Village is a homey part of town, with two branches of the East Don running across it. From several viewpoints, this piece of the East Don Parklands looks like untamed greenspace, and none of the relatively affluent residents live more than six blocks away from the thick of it.

The Boundaries

The area is bordered on the north by finch Avenue East, west by Bayview Avenue, east by Leslie Street and south by Highway 401.  It is found in Toronto Real Estate C15.

It’s Story

In 1954, Bayview Village was born to developer Farlinger Development Ltd.  It was hailed as “contemporary living in the countryside, at the doorstep of the urban concentration of Metropolitan Toronto.”  The very design and layout of the development was heavily influenced by the East Don Valley Parklands.  Dr. E.Gl Faludi, the town planner who designed it, said “We will fit the community into the landscape, and not the landscape into the community.”  The streets follow the natural curves of and contours of the landscape and were designed to highlight the natural beauty of the neighbourhood greenery.

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