It's not often you hear a vegetable getting naming rights to a neighbourhood.  Local legend tells us that “Cabbagetown” got its unique moniker from cabbage eaten by thousands of Irish immigrants that migrated to this part of town in the 1840s.  It was a staple in their daily lives that they would grow right in their front yards and thus visible to all coming into this part of town.  Thus the name. Today Cabbagetown is home to artists, musicians, writers and continues to be a popular neighbourhood.
The Boundaries
Gerrard Street at its southern point, Wellesley Street to the north, Sherbourne Street to the west, and the Don River to the east are the points that make Cabbagetown.
Its Story
Cabbagetown of old was home to Toronto’s blue collar workforce and took a downward turn as a result of the Great Depression.  As early as a few decades ago, Cabbagetown was still known for the remnants of that economic collapse… delapidated and worn-down homes.  Visionary homeowners saw “gold” in those old bones of homes and began purchasing them and restoring them to their glory. The neighbourhood streetscapes too benefited from this revitalization.  There isn’t likely a part of Toronto that has seen such a dramatic change.

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