Davisville is a major commercial community in midtown Toronto and an attractive area to live in as it is known for being very “green.”  Lots of beautiful older homes and modern condos can be found here. Yonge and Eglington, in the heart of Davisville, is also nicknamed “Young & Eligible” as so many young upwardly mobile professionals call this area home.

The Boundaries

Davisville runs from Bayview Avenue across to Yonge Street, and from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery north to Eglinton Avenue East.  Homes in Davisville are found in Toronto Real Estate District C10.

Its Story

In today’s economy, one can understand why if you are the area’s largest employer how you might get a neighbourhood named after you.  In 1840, John Davis, an immigrant from Staffordshire, England came to Toronto and became the area’s first postmaster.  He went on to create a pottery factory (Davis Factory), and wood and paper mills.

You can stand today where John Davis used to collect the area’s mail.  The original post office, a two-storey buildingHowever, the two-storey building that was the site of the former Davisville Post Office, once operated by John Davis and later by his grandson, is still standing on the north-east corner of Yonge & Davisville.

The south part of Davisville was subdivided in the 1860s on land owned mostly by the Davis family; at this time, the north part of the Village belonged to the Church. This latter tract of land, known as the Davisville Glebe, remained undeveloped until 1911, when it was sold to the Dovercourt Land and Building Company, the same company that oversaw the development of the Lawrence Park neighbourhood.

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