Fort York

One of Toronto’s newest residential neighbourhood is Fort York. Interestingly, the Fort York neighbourhood it is located in one of Toronto’s most historic areas. Occupying 43 acres of land, the Fort York military garrison, after which this neighbourhood is named, is located just north of the newly built residential area. This military garrison enjoys the special designation of national historical site protecting the buildings and land from development. In 2012 the new interpretive visitor’s centre was opened, coinciding with Fort York's Bicentennial celebrations. Fort York has been transformed by the addition of a series of high-rise condominium buildings. These condominiums are set to provide 6,000 residences upon completion of building. Just across Lakeshore Boulevard, views of the Toronto Waterfront and parks are a highlight of many of these buildings.
The Boundaries
The Fort York community is located north of Lakeshore Boulevard east with Bathurst Street to the East, Fort York Boulevard to the west and Fort York to the north.
Its Story   
Standing at the foot of Toronto near the shoreline of Lake Ontario since 1793, this neighbourhood has been named after this historic Fort York. During the time period marked by the War of 1812 the Battle of York occurred in 1813. During the Battle of York, Fort York was destroyed by the Americans. However, the fort was rebuilt in 1814. Present day Fort York is a designated National Historic Site. Just north of Fort York, in the 1850’s the railway began operating bringing growth of industry to the area. Fort York continued to be used as a military site right up until 1934. In 1943 it was opened to the Toronto public as a historic museum. In 1943 the site was under attack again, but this time by city planners. They proposed to demolish the fort in hopes of making way for the Gardiner Expressway. However, community groups defended the site. The Gardiner Expressway was re-directed to the south. 

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