Hoggs Hollow

Heading north on Yonge Street, past the infamous Loblaws Superstore with the cedar singled roof, and down the steep valley, you will find the picturesque neighbourhood of Hoggs Hollow. Located in the beautiful and rustic Don River valley, Hoggs Hollow is an community well known for its winding streets and abundance of trees including Spruce, Pine, Maple, Willow, and Birch trees.  Another prominent feature is the stone bridge that is located in the middle of this neighbourhood.  Under the bridge, the Don River gently follows following a winding path towards Lake Ontario.

The Boundaries

The community of Hoggs Hollow is located with York Mills Road to the north, the Don River to the east, the Rosedale Golf Club to the South, and Yonge Street to the west.

Its Story

In 1824 a Scotsman from Lanarkshire, James Hogg settled in this area. Hoggs Hollow received its name from James Hogg. Hogg operated a grist mill, and a whisky distillery. He was considered the most successful of all the millers in the valley.
John and William, Hogg’s two heirs, divided their late father’s estate under the name “Hoggs Hollow” in 1856. This subdivision contained one hundred and forty lots. However at this time only a handful of homes were developed.
To this day, four of the original homes from this community are still standing. Two of which were mill worker’s cottages. In 1986 these buildings were relocated to 4150 Yonge Street, where they now act as the entrance to the restaurant Auberge du Pommier. As for the other two homes, they can be found at 1 Old Yonge Street and 5 Old Yonge Street. Both of which have undergone extensive renovations. Located at 17 Mill Street and 3885 Yonge Street are the remaining historic landmarks of the Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood. George S. Pratt House, which was built in 1886, and The Jolly Miller Tavern built in 1857.   
In the 1920’s the neighbourhood began to be subdivided to form what we now know as Hoggs Hollow. It was a long process with the neighbourhood growing in stages. It was finally completed in the 1960’s. 

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