One of the most popular neighbourhoods in Toronto is Leaside. Due to its high profile status, it is also one of the most expensive real estate areas in Toronto.
The area is very popular with families of upper-middle income socioeconomic backgrounds who see the neighbourhood as an ideal place to raise their family.
Leaside is lush and green with an abundance of parks. As well there is a large number of highly rated schools to choose from. Also found in the neighbourhood is Bayview Avenue. It’s a trendy strip with high-end shops specialising in beautiful produce, fresh fish and bread, as well as designer clothing, shoes, handbags, cigars, and numerous restaurants and bars. To top that off, Leaside is conveniently located with excellent access to the transit system.     

The Boundaries

Glenvale Boulevard to the north, Southvale Dr at the south, Bayview Ave to its west, and Laird Drive make up the Leaside boundaries, C11.

Its Story

The Leaside neighbourhood takes its name from William Lea and the Lea family, who settled there in the early years of the nineteenth century. The area first developed as farmland along with Toronto through the nineteenth century. It was incorporated as a town in 1913.  In 1967 it was amalgamated with the township of East York to form the borough of East York. In 1998 it became part of the city of Toronto.

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