Ledbury Park

A Toronto neighbourhood currently in transition is Ledbury. The first generation of families who settled in this neighbourhood have slowly been moving out. In their place, young professionals with new families have moved in. Thus changing the demographics of the neighbourhood. This can be seen reflected in the increase of development occurring in the area. The original older homes of Ledbury are being replaced with expensive custom designed homes, desired by young professionals. Parks in the area have also been updated. The shopping district on Avenue Road has also emerged as one of the finest in Toronto. Ledbury has blossomed into an idealized neighbourhood.
The Boundaries

Ledbury is bounded with Wilson Avenue to the north, Lawrence Avenue to the south, Yonge Street to the east, and Bathurst Street to the west.
Its Story
Until the early 1900’s Ledbury was a small farming community. After the 1900’s the first homes were built in this neighbourhood on the land where Lawrence Farm once stood. This area is now known as Woburn Avenue and Bedford Park.
North of Woburn Avenue was once the hobby farm owned by Alfred St. Germain. He was the publisher of the old Toronto Evening Journal. In 1922 the Melrose Realty Company subdivided the St. Germain property in preparation for the new subdivision Melrose Park.
H.A. Clark chose the street names for the new subdivision. Paying homage to the St. Germain farm, he chose the street names St. Germain, and Old Orchard Grove. Old Orchard Grove being influenced by the St. Germain apple orchard. Clark was also keen on the works of Sir Walter Scott, and took inspiration from him for other street named in the Melrose Park Subdivision, Marmion, Deloraine, and Melrose.
In the 1950’s residential development in the area was finished. Ledbury Park, and Ledbury School were the last editions to the subdivision completing the neighbourhood. 

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