Seatton Village - The Greater Annex 

A family oriented and centrally located neighbourhood in Toronto, is Seaton Village. Despite being situated in the most active part of Toronto, this community has a small town feel. 
A focal point of Seaton Village is the city park Vermont Square. Vermont Square is home to the St. Alban's Boys' and Girls' Club. This club provides families and children living in the neighbourhood with a variety of recreational and social programs. 
The Boundaries
Seaton Village is located within the broader Annex neighbourhood, as defined by the City of Toronto, and within the political riding of Trinity—Spadina. It is bordered by Bloor Street to the south, the train tracks to the north, Christie Street to the west, and Bathurst Street to the east. Although the Korea Town shopping district is at its southern border, it is sometimes referred to as the “West Annex”.
Its Story
The Village is actually named after Lord Seaton, former Lieutenant Governor of Canada. However, the original settlers of Seaton Village were Colonel David Shank and Captain Samuel Smith, firends of the Lieutenant and loyalists serving in the Queens Rangers. Years after they settled, their farm lots were acquired by a successful merchant from New York City named George Crookshank. In the 1850s, the Village was laid out on the old Crookshank farm, at the foot of Bathurst Street. Most of the early residents of the village were English, so Seaton was known as the “English Village”. Others still mis-pronounced the name as “Satan’s Village”.

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