St. Lawrence Market

A Toronto neighbourhood older than the city its self is St. Lawrence. The forerunner to the City of Toronto, the Town of York, was situated where the neighbourhood of St. Lawrence now stands. Architecture original to the town can be seen in the area to this day. Front Street is home to 19th century Georgian style yellow and red brick buildings original to the Town of York.
Constructed in the 1970s, the newer area in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood is positioned around The Esplanade. This residential area consists of an eclectic mix of apartment buildings with affordable rent, co-ops and privately owned homes.
The Boundaries

The St. Lawrence neighbourhood is bounded with Front Street to the north, the Canadian National Railway tracks to the south, Parliament Street to the east, and Yonge Street to the west.

Its Story

A giant 19th century landfill created the home for the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.  A grand waterfront project was first planned for the area, but instead the city turned the land to the railway companies, which helped create Toronto as the industrial base for moving anything outside the city.
It lay dormant and abandoned with the leftovers of that industrial age until the late 1970s, when a major redevelopment of the area was put into place by the city.  Today, it is a favourite feature of tourists, both those discovering the city and those rediscovering their home in Toronto, alike.

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