The Bay Street Corridor

One of Toronto’s most densely populated neighbourhoods is the Bay Street Corridor. Conveniently located within walking distance of the Financial District, the Discovery District, the University of Toronto, the Hospital District, Ryerson University, Toronto City Hall, and downtown Yonge Street. Many young professionals are increasingly attracted to The Bay Street Corridor as, over time, it evolved into one of Toronto’s prime condominium markets.  
The Boundaries
The Bay Street Corridor is bounded by Bloor Street to the North, with Yonge Street to the East, Spadina Avenue to the West and Queen Street to the South.
Its Story
The Bay Street Corridor area was formerly a municipal ward of the City of Toronto, known as St. John’s Ward. However, later on it just become known as “The Ward”. In the 1890’s, Jewish immigrants who were fleeing Eastern Europe heavily populated this area. Afterward other immigrant populations began to settle into The Ward, notably Italians. After having become more established, these first immigrant groups left the squalor of The Ward heading west and settling in neighbourhoods such as Little Italy and Kensington Market. Chinese immigrants then replaced the Jewish and Italian peoples. Many of the homes in The Ward were expropriated in 1950s due to the construction of the New City Hall, leading to the relocation of many Chinese immigrants to Spadina Avenue contributing to what is know known as Toronto’s China Town District.

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