Yorkville is one of Toronto’s most lively neighbourhoods. It is a diverse mix of commercial office towers, four star hotels, theatres, gourmet restaurants, luxury condominiums, and picture perfect Victorian homes. Nestled in the heart of the Yorkville community, is a prestigious shopping area, where celebrities have often been spotted shopping and dining in style.  The transition from the commercial area of Yorkville; located both on Yorkville Avenue and on Cumberland Street, is gradual as Victorian houses shift from retail to residential uses creating a seamless pattern that is a signature of the Yorkville neighbourhood.
The Boundaries
The neighbourhood of Yorkville is bounded with Malborough Avenue to the north, Bloor Street to the south,  Avenue Road to the West and Yonge Street to the east. Davenport Road snakes its way through the centre of Yorkville.
Its Story
In the 1830’s two prominent members of society subdivided the community of Yorkville; Joseph Bloor was a prominent brewer, and Sheriff William Botsford Jarvis was the founder of the Rosedale neighbourhood. Yorkville received its name after the Town of York, the predecessor to the City of Toronto. It was incorporated as a village in 1853. On the tower of the historic Yorkville Fire Hall, one will find the initials and trades of Yorkville’s first town council members, displayed on the Village coat of arms. The fire hall is located at 34 Yorkville Avenue.  Yorkville had the privilege and distinction of being the first village annexed by the City of Toronto in 1883. Yorkville has continually maintained its own identity despite being a part of the large city. It first gained fame as being a hippie haven in the 1960’s, then becoming well known as a shopping haven for the elite in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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