The Beach

The most controversially named Toronto neighbourhood is without a doubt  “The Beach” or “The Beaches.”   New street signs were installed in 1985 calling it “The Beaches” but there were so many who fervently believed it should be “The Beach.”   Hotly contested by both camps, the name of this popular area however is known officially by The City of Toronto as “The Beaches.”  Whichever camp you decide to be in on this, the one thing everyone agrees on is its popularity. 

The Boundaries

Stretching from Victoria Park , east to Kingston Road on the north, Eastern Avenue to Leslie on the west, and south to the shore of Lake Ontario is where you will find this Toronto gem. 

Its Story 

Today with its boardwalks, ice cream parlors, and brightly coloured Victorian homes along the beach, its hard to believe this was first settled as farmland.  The Ashbridges, A European family from Philadelphia did exactly that though in 1793. Later the properties were subdivided and some set aside for parks, and one, the Ashbridge’s Bay Park is named for the family.  You can still see one of their homesteads at the corner of Queen and Conaught.  

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