The neighbourhood of Malvern is located at the north-east end of the City of Toronto. It has maintained a vast amount of green space by preserving ravine woodlots, parklands and mature trees. The affordability of the real estate offered in this area has traditionally, and still attracts many, new Canadians. Malvern's over sixty different cultures can be seen in the community, with the most dominant ethnic groups being people of Afro-Canadian, British, Chinese, and East Indian background.

The Boundaries

The neighbourhood of Malvern is located with Finch Avenue to the north, Markham road to the west, Sheppard Avenue to the south and Morningside Avenue to the east. In the centre of the neighbourhood is Malvern Recreation Centre and Neilson Park.

Its Story

In 1856 the Malvern Post Office was opened in David Brown's general store. Brown’s store stood at the south-east corner of Finch Avenue and Markham Road. Senator David Reesor began selling "Village Lots" in Malvern one year after the post office opened. He strongly argued that Malvern was the future "Capital of Scarborough,". Reesor predicted that the Grand Trunk Railway would extend a branch line through Malvern. Unfortunately when service began in 1871, it bypassed Malvern favouring instead the neighbouring community of Agincourt. Even though Malvern never become an affluent railway centre, it grew in another area, farming. For over one hundred years Malvern was a successful farming community. In the late 1950s the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation expropriated Malvern's farms to build a "model community" of affordable homes. The first residents of this modern day Malvern community moved into their homes in 1972.

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