Bloor West Village

A popular Toronto neighbourhood for families is Bloor West Village. This area is home to many excellent schools, and boasts a retail area that attracts customers from all over the city. Bloor West Village is also home to the infmous High Park, Toronto's largest park.   

The Boundaries

Bloor West Village is located between two neighbourhoods. To the north is Runnymede, and to the south is Swansea, a former village dating to the 19th century. Bloor West Village is also considered the name of the immediate vicinity of Bloor Street and can be found in W02.

It’s Story

Bloor West is a shopping district located along Bloor, encompassing all businesses along Bloor and Jane Streets and Ellis Park Road, consisting of more than 400 shops, restaurants and services. The mix of stores include specialty clothing stores, bookstores, restaurants and cafes. The businesses organized in 1970 into the first mandatory Business Improvement Districted idea that has spread to numerous other commercial streets in Toronto and to cities around the world. 

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