CityPlace is the exciting downtown community that young couples and professional singles are flocking to.  CityPlace is one of Toronto’s newest neighbourhoods and boasts a commute free environment where you can work and play.  This master planned community is situated on 45 acres of prime downtown Toronto real estate, encompassing 5.4 million square feet of residential and commercial space. Thus making this area one of the highest density neighbourhoods in Toronto.  Still under construction, when fully completed in 2016 CityPlace will be home to approximately 15,000 residents.  Artspace, an outdoor public art gallery initiative is at the heart of this neighbourhood.  Canoe Landing Park is the 8 acre gallery featuring sculptures and art installations dispersed throughout the neighbourhood.  The most iconic of these is Red Canoe, created by the acclaimed Canadian artist Douglas Coupland. Red Canoe is perched at the south end of the park overlooking the Gardiner Expressway. It has become a Toronto landmark.
The Boundaries
CityPlace is bounded with Front Street to the north, Spadina Avenue to the east, Lakeshore Boulevard to the south, and Bathurst Street to the West. 
Its Story
The CityPlace neighbourhood is built on part of the Canadian National Railway formerly known as the Spadina Street Yards.  In the 1850’s, the railway was an integral part of the beginning of Toronto’s history.  Railway operations were relocated to the north side the city in 1965.  During this time the railway lands were sold to Canada Lands Company, a federal crown corporation committed to revitalizing this prime downtown Toronto real estate by repurposing it.  In 1975 the construction of the CN Tower, followed by the Metro Convention Centre in 1984, and later the Sky Dome and Air Canada Centre brought the emergence of a new era and the neighbourhood rose to prominence again.  With the infrastructure for a vibrant new neighbourhood in place, in 1997 the Canada Lands Company sold the former railway lands to Concord Adex Developmets.
Concord Adex had a vision for the former railway lands and that was called CityPlace.  During the time when the master planned community was being finalized on paper and at City Hall, it operated briefly as a 9 hole golf course and driving range. This new neighbourhood made a splash in headlines right from the start due to the projected $2-billion dollar budget, and timeline for development.  Construction would occur in phases and was projected to take a decade.  Completion of the first two CityPlace condominium Apex 1 and Apex 2 in 2003 marked the start of the realization of Concord Adex’s vision.  Today, CityPlace encompasses a multitude of both town homes, condominium buildings and is home to a landmark park and outdoor public art gallery.  The vision for CityPlace has become a reality with thousands of residents now calling this exciting neighbourhood their home.

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