Humber Heights

Humber Heights is a Toronto neighbourhood located in the Humber River Valley. This area has a unique and whimsical feel with an abundance of trees and gently rolling hills. The highlight of Humber Heights is the Humber Creek, a tributary of the Humber River, which winds through the centre of the area. Humber Creek flows in a south-easternly direction starting at Islington Avenue in Sun Row Park ending in the Humber River. Royal York Road has a pedestrian bridge across from the shopping plaza that offers a beautiful view of the creek and surrounding ravine valley.    
The Boundaries
Humber Heights is bounded with Dixon Road to the north, Eglinton Avenue to the south, Scarlett Road to the east, and Royal York Road to the west.
Its Story
The neighbourhood now known as the Humber Heights was originally part of the Village of Weston. Located along the west bank of the Humber River, this settlement revolved around a distillery, saw mill, and grist mill. In 1852 the spring season brought torrential rain, which raised the water level in the Humber River by approximately twenty feet. Thus washing away the settlement of Weston Village. Saint Phillips Church and Cemetery are the only remaining structures from this settlement.
Centered along Scarlett Road, Humber Heights next re-established its self as a farming community. During World War I, these farms began to be subdivided. These subdivisions provided housing for the workers at the nearby ammunitions factories in Weston. A post war housing boom resulted in the further development of this community.
The Humber Heights Consolidated School was opened in 1921, soon becoming the central point of this community. This school can still be found standing today at 2245 Lawrence Avenue West. The former Humber Heights Consolidated School has been taken over by the Toronto District School Board, and is being used as an adult education centre, and resource centre.

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