The neighbourhood of Mimco acts as the entrance to Toronto's other west-end waterfront neighbourhoods. This well established community features excellent recreational facilities and stunning scenic lakefront parks. Conveniently located, Mimico is a short commute to downtown Toronto. This area also has its own Go Transit train station located on Royal York Road.
There is a strong sense of community in Mimico. A high number of residents often attend local community events.  Some of these popular events in include the Etobicoke-Lakeshore Christmas Parade and the annual "Lakeshore Community Festival". Also not to be overlooked is the annual "Mimico Festival".  This festival is held in August in Amos Waites Park. And on the day after the “Mimico Festival” a kite flying contest is always held at Humber Bay Park.
The Boundaries

Mimico is bounded with Lakeshore Boulevard to the south, the Humber River and Lake Ontario to the east, Dwlight Avenue to the west, and Queen Elizabeth Way to the north.
Its Story

“Omimeca” was the original name of the neighbourhood we now know as Mimico. “Omimeca” is a First Nations word meaning “the resting place of wild pigeons”. The wild passenger pigeon is now an extinct species however their memory lives on through the name of this Toronto community. 
In the 1890’s the community of Mimico as we now know it began to develop. Growth started south of Lakeshore Boulevard where Toronto’s elite built their summer homes. Some of these estates can still be seen today, however most were destroyed by post World War 2 development. 
In 1906 the Grand Trunk Railway opened the Mimico Yard. At this point in time houses were needed to accommodate the influx of workers who found employment at the Mimico Yard. Thus providing a building boom as houses were developed for workers at the Mimico Yard. It was after this point when the area began to emerge as a community with residents living here year-round.
In 1917 the tremendous growth seen in the previous 11 years led the neighbourhood of Mimico to be incorporated as a town. This town status was maintained until 1967 when it amalgamated with the Township of Etobicoke now part of the City of Toronto.

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