Queen West

The West Queen West neighbourhood has always been know to Torontonians as having an artsy vibe, and boasting a cool and hip environment. A recent Vogue article has now made the area notorious, the whole world knows about West Queen West. The Vogue article identified the area as the second coolest neighbourhood in the world. How sweet is that! Nick Remsen Vogue wrtiter described the area as "a verifiable artery of indie patisseries, homegrown labels, and hidden-from-view galleries—hallmarks of hipness, if ever they existed." The article that brought West Queen West to fame discusses hip neighbourhood landmarks including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Soho House Toronto, Graffiti Alley and the landmark Gladstone and Drake hotels.

The Boundaries

West Queen West is bounded with Queen Street to the north, Duffern Street to the west, Shaw Street to the east and King Street West to the south. 

Its Story

West Queen West emerged as a Pacific Railway Hub on the outskirts of the Village of Parkdale in the late 1800’s. Beyond the City limits, this location has a classic working class charm to it. The Drake Hotel and The Gladstone Hotel are two of the oldest neighbourhood landmarks both situated on Queen Street West. In the last few years these hotels have been dramatically restored and refurbished. Today both hotels are prominent pillars in the revitalized West Queen West neighbourhood.

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