Swansea Village

The only neighbourhood in Toronto that has its own community-run Town Hall is Swansea Village. This neighbourhood is also the only area in Toronto to be bounded by a lake, a river and a pond. Swansea's scenic hilly terrain, plethora of miniature trees and winding roads complement the picture perfect homes that dot the residential streets of this neighbourhood.
The Boundaries
Swansea Village is located with The Queensway to the south, High Park to the east, South Kingsway and Humber River to the west and Bloor Street to the north.
Its Story
In 1926 Swansea was incorporated as a village.  The colourful history of this neighbourhood can be seen in the Swansea Village corporate seal. Etienne Brule was an important part of Swansea Village’s history and therefore was included on the seal. In 1615 he was the first European explorer to set foot on the land, now known as Swansea Village. Also in the seal is a First Nations member. This symbolizes that the First Nations peoples were the first to inhabit the Swansea, area hundreds of years ago. The hills in the seal represent this neighbourhoods rolling countryside. These rolling hills are similar to those found in Swansea, Whales, after which the neighbourhoood was named. Lastly, the water in the seal makes reference to Swansea’s natural boundaries, which include Lake Ontario, the Humber River and Grenadier Pond. Swansea Village joined Forest Hill Village in 1967 as one of the last two independent villages to be annexed by the City of Toronto.   

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