The Brewery Lofts


If you would like to park your motorcycle in your loft, then this rugged concrete building may be just your thing. There is nothing small about this building, with 14 ft ceilings, massive concrete mushroom pillars and front doors big enough to build an ark. This building certainly demonstrates the term 'open concept'. Completed in 1998, the Sorbara Group have done a splendid job with the conversion of this former CBC prop warehouse. Today, the 100 lofts within this concrete mountain differ by more than just finishes, as creative owners through the years have manipulated the spaces to create some funky living environments. Overlooking Corktown, the neighbourhood looks to be turning a corner with numerous exciting developments in the pipeline. New loft projects are appearing all around, and with the City's plan to develop the West Don Lands park, things are certainly looking good for this building. This project is another of my personal favourite Toronto lofts. Check it out! 

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